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Custom Biulds

Work Shops, Studios, Gym's, Office's, Yoga Rooms ect. HCS can create your dream shed!

Back yard storage

Great for storage! Our Shed's are sold as "Shells" leaving a wide open space, perfect for lawn mowers and snow blowers!

pool rooms

Need a private space to change or dry off? We have you covered (Including waterproof interiors)


We offer various financing options with leading Canadian Banks

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Welcome to the

Shed Shop!

Workshops, Studio's, Yoga Rooms, Storage facilities, Barns, Pool rooms, Cold Storage and more. No matter what we’re building, we guarantee an exceptional, high quality product for our client's.

We’re dedicated to offering the personalized service you deserve, and we have locations across Ontario in order to provide the best client experience possible. A service-first mentality coupled with exceptional quality at an affordable price, that’s the HCS way.

Bottom line — when you choose HCS, you’ll walk away with a beautiful, affordable, and easy-to-maintain shed that’s designed to last.

With a wide range of flexible designs plus a variety of siding and roofing options, you can customize your building to match your exact aesthetic. And with our drafting software, you’ll be able to visualize your completed structure, — even before construction begins!

Our sheds are 10’ x 16’. On the exterior, the shed's feature vinyl siding with metal fascia. These shed's are built to meet all Ontario Building Code and pass all their inspections in Cambridge, ON (where they are made) Once constructed, the shed is then transported on a tractor trailer and lifted onto the foundation on site (Alternative install options available, depending on your property) Call us today!

  • Cost-effective

  • Low-maintenance

  • Energy-efficient

  • High-quality

  • Durable

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